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The Outer Loop is a volunteer-based collaboration, driven by the challenge of enriching our world with important, inspiring and transformative theatrical experiences, while at the same time, encouraging and developing the work of emerging playwrights and all artists.  

We strive to discover compelling stories that resonate with our audience, and we look for unique and engaging ways in which to tell them.

Great plays in all shapes and sizes exist,
and we want to see more of them.

What We Do

The Outer Loop produces staged readings, workshops and full productions, as well as nontraditional, devised, site-specific and

immersive theater experiences.


We work primarily, but not exclusively, with students from schools, colleges and universities, to give them professional opportunities before they graduate, while allowing them to hone their craft. 


We understand the value of experience, combined with education, in developing one’s skills in the theater, and seek to provide this for young and emerging artists.

Our Mission

Who We Are

The Outer Loop is fundamentally a playground where we all come ​together to better our community, and to support the work of all ​playful human beings. 

Why New Work

Think about it...


Romeo & Juliet, Hamilton and The Crucible were all new plays at one time. Understanding the play development process is vital to a young playwright’s success.


The Outer Loop unites emerging writers, actors, designers and other artists, and provides a vehicle in which to test drive their talents. 


We Need Your Support Today!

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