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"The Outer Loop has done a lot to give me a platform to share my art and  express my opinions. It means a lot to me. Usually no one cares what I think, so it feels lovely to be able to express myself in an honest way and have my views welcomed rather than dismissed.”

—  Sergio Castillo


Whether you’re interested in private monologue or scene coaching, new work or script development, or looking for a director for your next play or project, our team has the passion, industry experience and training to help you or your project succeed and thrive. With a combined 35 plus years of professional experience, we can’t wait to meet you and take your career/production/monologue to the next level.

Private Monologue

and Scene Coaching

A good monologue isn’t enough…


It must be right for you.  We’ll guide you through the process of choosing a great piece and tailoring it specifically to your acting style and skills. And we’ll work together on fine tuning each and every moment of the monologue, until you’re ready to take it into the audition room. If you already have a monologue you love, bring it to us for a fresh perspective.


Scene work is so much more than just memorization and staging. We’ll work with you and your scene partner(s) to discover what lies beneath the surface of your dialogue, working moment to moment to build a dynamic arch and

shape to your scene. 


Click here to learn more about

private coaching with The Outer Loop

"I am so glad I reached out to The Outer Loop for coaching because in such a short time Michael and Rachael taught me so much. I feel all around more prepared to go down this path and to move to New York City to pursue acting. Coaching with them really helped my confidence and made taking the next steps more bearable!"

—  Patrick Hall,

     Private Coaching Client

New Work and

Script Development

Think about it...

Romeo & Juliet, Hamilton and The Crucible were all new plays at one time. Understanding the play development process is vital to a young playwright’s success. The Outer Loop unites emerging writers, actors, designers and other artists, and provides a vehicle in which to test drive their talents. 


If you are interested in developing your new work with our team, please contact


"Working with The Outer Loop has allowed me to grow and develop as a multi-hyphenated artist.

The collaborative nature of this company always made me feel supported and equal.

Being young in this industry, sometimes you feel invisible to the world despite having so many ideas.

All it takes is that one chance to be able to do what you love,

so thank you, Outer Loop, for taking a chance on me."

—  Kayla Zanakis,




We’d love to share our passion for what we do with you.


Our team offers workshops in:

  • Audition Techniques

    • General Auditions

    • Callback Auditions

    • On-Camera Auditions

  • Devised Theater

  • Voice and Movement

    • Viewpoints

    • Williamson Technique

  • Classical/Heightened Text

  • Producing and Directing for the Virtual Stage

  • Playwriting

Workshops can be tailored to suit your needs and those of your ensemble or department. Contact our team at to start a conversation.

“Rachael Yoder and Michael Herman were able to bring so much to my directing class with their expertise in both devising and filming techniques. I probably would have given up on this class if not for everything they brought to the “room,” especially their good vibes. Honestly I couldn’t have done it without them!”

—  Kay Martinovich 

      Head of Performance, Northern Illinois University


Be it Shakespeare or Shaw, Miller or Mamet, we’d love to bring your next play to life, on the virtual or physical stage. Our team has directed at the high school, collegiate and

professional level.


We believe in a collaborative culture of exploration and  innovation with clear, dynamic storytelling.


Contact us to discuss how we can make your vision a reality:


The Empathy Project

The Empathy Project is a live virtual collaboration and devised theatrical response to any moment of crisis we as a global community find ourselves in. Invite our team to create and direct this one-of-a-kind experience for you, your artists and your community.


To learn more about how  we can partner with you in bringing your own Empathy Project to life, please contact


To learn more about the project, click here


View our promotional trailer click here:

"I truly had a great time collaborating with The Outer Loop as a part of the team to bring the Empathy Project to life.  Everyone was kind, respectful, and above all else, open to hearing input from all participants; this is a rarity in the world of theater and truly something that I believe separates The Outer Loop from many other companies I've worked for.  Michael and his team lead with grace and open arms and ears. It gave us all a vehicle to come together and discuss and experience something collectively regardless of where we fall on social and political spectrums.

—  Joel Ottenheimer 

      Actor & Writer

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