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Private Coaching


Rachael Yoder

& Michael Herman


What are auditions all about? 

They’re about how good you are and how well you fit the show, the character, and with the other cast members.  But they’re also about who you are.  And you only have 3-5 minutes to show the director who you are and what you bring to the process. Working with us, you’ll learn how to get noticed, present your material and increase your chances of getting the part.


A good monologue isn't enough.

It must be right for you.  We’ll guide you through the process of choosing a great piece and tailoring it specifically to your acting style and skills. And we’ll work together on fine tuning each and every moment of the monologue, until you’re ready to take it into the audition room. If you already have a monologue you love, bring it to us for a fresh perspective.


Let us help you!

For rate information and to schedule a private coaching session,

e-mail us at

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"I am so glad I reached out to The Outer Loop for coaching because in such a short time Michael and Rachael

taught me so much.


I feel all around more prepared to go down this path and to move to New York City to pursue acting. Coaching with them really helped my confidence and made taking the next

steps more bearable!"

- Patrick Hall, Coaching Client


"When I look back at my internship experience with The Outer Loop, I am

beyond thankful for

every minute of it.

I was able to hear

new stories and form
new perspectives on life.

— Caroline Byrne, Intern

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