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The Humanity Project is only possible because of the partnership we have with Supreme Tanzania Safaris. Samwel and his team always put us and our needs first, and are the finest in the business when it comes to tour organizing, logistics and hospitality.

Supreme Tanzania Safaris


Since 2011 The MoonCatcher Project has been making reusable, washable menstrual management kits - "MoonCatcher Kits" -  for distribution to girls around the world. The Outer Loop partners with The MoonCatcher Project to help remove barriers to education for girls in Tanzania by keeping them in school while on their periods.

AWF Logo.png

African Well Fund works to improve access to clean water and sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to raising funds for projects, they seek to provide an in-depth understanding of the problem and its solutions.

The Outer Loop has partnered with AWF on the successful completion of three well projects in Mloka, Tanzania.


Timiza Designs is a woman-owned Tanzanian brand dedicated to providing the highest quality handmade accessories. The Outer Loop partners with Timiza to promote distribution of handmade products, to help create economic opportunities for Tanzania artisans to build sustainable futures for themselves, their families and communities.


Fahari Media & Ndali Films is a Tanzanian-owned media company that produces film projects hi-lighting the lived experiences of Tanzanian people. The Outer Loop partners with Fahari Media & Ndali films to create film projects that promote awareness of Tanzania stories, and support Tanzanian film artists.

Individual Partners & Season Sponsors

Michael Frieze
American Endowment Foundation

The Dan & Elizabeth Berl Family Fund
Rochester Area Community Foundation

The Thomas & Kathleen Duff Family Fund
The Max & Marian Farash Charitable Foundation
The Robert & Nora Radest Family Charitable Fund

The Drs. Dawn & Jacques Lipson Enhancing Life Fund


The Outer Loop partners with a variety of organizations in order to further our mission of enriching our world with important, inspiring, and transformative theatrical experiences that also create substantive change in the communities we serve. If you think your organization would be a good fit to partner with the arts for action work we do, please email us at to start a conversation!

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