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THE EMPATHY PROJECT: a new human experience 


From The Outer Loop and The Humanity Project, comes a LIVE virtual collaboration and devised theatrical response to the moment of crisis, we as a global community, currently find ourselves in. These are strange and uncertain times... ones simultaneously abundant and lacking in connection and hope.

Can we, through theater, inspire empathy and reconnect to our shared humanity? From this question, came an answer: The Empathy Project.

The Empathy Project is a live virtual collaboration and devised theatrical response to any moment of crisis we as a global community find ourselves in.  


Our process was two-fold; first we gathered stories from our communities and beyond. And then, with a group of actors, singers, dancers, movers and songwriters curated, devised and assembled the larger Empathy Project, performing it live on Zoom. The production included both live and pre-recorded performances of stories from people of all ages, races, genders, beliefs and demographics, all surrounding their experiences of pressing issues or crises within our local and global communities. With this project, we also turned the mirror back on ourselves, and asked “what place do artists, theater and empathy have within our current experience and how can we create art that reflects that experience?”  


By bringing together voices, stories and experiences from all walks of life and artists from all mediums, both participants and audience alike engaged in the greater conversation of what it means to be human, right now. 

Interested in producing your very own Empathy Project?

Email us at info@outerlooptheater.org to find out how!

Empathy Radio... it's an emergency

Tune in to be heard

Every Sunday evening at 8:00pm EST here!

From The Humanity Project, Outer Loop & Empathy Project teams, comes a live interactive radio show for our times.


TALK HARD... a weekly workshop experience

The Outer Loop Theater Experience is bringing TALK HARD back! And right into your living room! We're taking it ONLINE and into your quarantined situation every Thursday night at 8:00pm EST!

In it's new form, TALK HARD is a free weekly new-work virtual salon for playwrights, actors, directors, poets, musicians, singers, djs, painters, writers, dancers, comedians, filmmakers, spoken word and hip hop artists, to get a peek at any new piece they're working on, in front of a supportive audience. Want some feedback? Great. Just want to hear it out loud in front of other humans? Great. Just wanna sing or play or dance or speak anything at all... and CONNECT with other artists and non-artist humans every week? Awesome. We'll livestream for FREE on our Facebook page allowing others across the interwebs to attend!

NEWS HARD... weekly news satire with Miles Potter

News Hard, hosted by Miles Potter

This brand new news satire spin-off from the folks who brought you

Talk Hard and Laugh Hard, streams live every Tuesday night
at 8:00pm EST on Outer Loop TV

News is hard.
​Tune in to find out how hard.

In Development

13 Suits: a Mother's Monologues

​Written by Kathleen Kerrigan Duff
​Adapted by Michael Herman and Rachael Yoder
An immersive experience crafted from a mother's reflections, 
​after losing her son to a hit-and-run accident.
A story of grief, loss and healing, in the wake of seemingly insurmountable tragedy.


UBINADAMU: The Humanity Project

Please visit The Humanity Project Page for more information on our important work in Tanzania!


If you're a fan already, you know the drill. But for any

first-timers, Talk Hard is a monthly new work salon for playwrights, actors, directors, poets, musicians, singers,

djs, painters, writers, dancers, comedians, filmmakers,

spoken word and hip hop artists, to get a peek at any

piece they're​working on, in front of a

supportive but critical audience.

Want some feedback? Great. 
Just want to hear it out loud in front

of other humans? Great.

New Location:
We're virtual!

Admission is FREE
Donations are accepted

The Outer Loop Theater Experience is a

501(c)(3) non-profit organization and happily
​accepts donations here​ or on Venmo @TalkHard!

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