"Ubinadamu tells the story of one woman’s personal tragedy, 
while at the same time crystallizing one of the major problems with international development -
that the helpers know better than those being helped. It is a moving, powerful piece of storytelling that also conveys some essential truths

of the dynamics of helping those in need." 


Founding Member, African Well Fund

The Story


IN JUNE 2016...

While traveling through Tanzania with a group of artists, we taught theater to young children, helping them understand the power of storytelling to bring about social change. We also spent a lot of time listening to the people in the region, as they voiced their desperate needs... in the hopes of finding a story we could tell to do just that. Meeting and speaking with Asha, a mother who lost one of her children during childbirth eight years ago, touched us deeply. She communicated to us the village's desperate need for a labor clinic. Throughout the time we spent in Mloka, we developed a strong connection, linked by our common understanding of humanity (Ubinadamu). We have always known the power of storytelling to help create change and to better our communities, and here now was the very real opportunity for us all to do it. 

IN JANUARY 2017...

Over the course of a 3-month period, we returned to Tanzania and worked closely with the people of Mloka and the government, to successfully complete the construction of the Ubinadamu Labor Clinic. There is now a safe place in the village for women to give birth. The first building on the property of a future health center. The clinic has been licensed by the Government of Tanzania, and is registered as an official health center. The District Medical Office has sent staff and equipment... and babies have been born safely at the clinic! We realized throughout our time in Mloka, that this was really just the beginning. The needs of the village extend far beyond the labor clinic, and the strong connection we all feel with the people there is too important to ignore.


THROUGHOUT 2018 & 2019...

We traveled back to Tanzania to work hand-in-hand with the government and people of Mloka to continue building their much needed health center, which will serve approximately 6,000 people, and will include: an outpatient services building, several operating rooms and recovery wards, and full medical facilities for men, women and children. The District Medical Office in Tanzania has fully committed to this partnership, recently sending us a memorandum detailing their substantial financial and material contributions.


Let's not forget, this all started with a play. So, while we were in Mloka, we began a collaboration with a local performance company, The Asante Arts Group, which led to an original performance piece ("Uponyaji"), and will ultimately lead to a Village Arts Center in 2022. We will also partner with the teachers and administration of the Mloka primary schools, to create, develop and implement a new drama curriculum and theater program for 2022. AND... we recently finished a feature-length documentary based on this experience, The Humanity Project: A Devised Documentary Film. You can check out the trailer above!



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